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The New Cold War: Risk, Sanctions, Compliance

May 20, 2022

On this week’s episode of “The New Cold War: Risk, Sanctions, Compliance,” Stroock Partner Tom Firestone talks to William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign and the author of Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder and Surviving Vladimir Putin’s Wrath. Bill was the largest foreign investor in Russia until his exposure of corruption led to him being expelled from the country. He has since become one of the leading advocates for human rights, anti-corruption, and transparency globally. His efforts resulted in, among other things, the exposure of massive Russian money laundering schemes and the passage of the Global Magnitsky Act, which authorizes sanctions against foreign government officials for human rights abuses and corruption.   

Bill and Tom discuss:

  • Sanctions, Putin, and the Oligarchs
  • Shareholder activism as a way to combat corruption
  • Russian money laundering through European banks
  • What the U.S. government and businesses should be doing to fight Russian corruption
  • The Global Magnitsky Act and the future of anti-corruption sanctions