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The New Cold War: Risk, Sanctions, Compliance

Mar 8, 2022

Politics and legal risks are now intertwined like never before. The Biden administration has identified anti-corruption as a core U.S. national security interest. It recently imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia, including on its Central Bank, the president and foreign minister. And in his State of the Union address, President Biden said, “The U.S. Department of Justice is assembling a dedicated task force to go after the crimes of Russian oligarchs. We are joining with our European allies to find and seize their yachts, their luxury apartments, their private jets.” At the same time, the Department of Justice has identified state-sponsored cybercrime and foreign attempts to influence U.S. politics as top enforcement priorities. What does the convergence of national security and law enforcement mean for businesses? How can they protect themselves in this new environment?  What are the next enforcement trends?
In this podcast, Stroock Partner Tom Firestone, who previously served as Resident Legal Adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, will discuss these and related subjects with leading experts from the worlds of business, politics, journalism and academia. In this initial episode, Tom discusses the new DOJ “KleptoCapture” task force, what we can expect from it, what challenges it will face and what businesses should do to protect themselves.